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God's STORY has changed our STORY

TELL others how JESUS is the hero of your story



What shaped your identity?

Everyone has a beginning. The start of everyone's life has a deep impact on their understanding of who they are. Factors such as our upbringing and the values of our parents often shape the person we become. Share something really great or really hard that happened early in your life. Maybe it was a relationship or a life-altering event.


Who or what shaped you the most?

Where did you get your real value and identity from?


What went wrong?

We are all broken whether we admit it or not. Life has not gone the way we hoped it would. Sickness, death, abuse, addictions, bad choices, false religion, and many other things have affected our lives. We all respond to these in ways to fix our situations. We do this in a variety of actions that are contrary to God’s Story and His ways for us. This is called sin.


Why was your relationship with God and others not the way it was supposed to be?


How did Jesus rescue you?


Just like God’s Story, this is the climax of our story. Explain how the effects of sin in your life were rescued and redeem by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The good news of Jesus is always personal and unique. Maybe it involved a key event, a special person; maybe it took a moment, maybe a year. Be sure to emphasize that Jesus is the hero of your story. He found you!


How did you come to put your trust in Jesus to save and restore you back to God and the way He intended your life to be?


How are you being transformed?


Your story is not done yet. Jesus is still changing you, using you, speaking to you, and sharing His story through you. When Jesus saves us, he also begins to transform us through his Holy Spirit to transform others with the Holy Spirit. Explain what is happening in your life now and the transformation you have experienced so far.


What does it look like to have Jesus at the centre of your life now?

How has he continued to change your life?

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