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There is no greater NEWS that we can HEAR;

there is no greater MESSAGE that we can BELIEVE.



It all began with God! God created everything. God created it all simply by speaking it into being. Everything He created was perfect and good, and yes, that includes us! When God created us, He gave us a purpose to be in relationship with Him and one another. Everything was as it was meant to be.


However, today's world is far from perfect. We face suffering, pain, broken relationships and death on a daily basis. What happened? What was good, we broke. Humanity decided for themselves what was right and wrong and went against God's instructions that were for our benefit! When we rebelled against the Creator of Life, we received exactly what was not from God; death, sickness, and a brokenness in our relationships with God and one another.

But God loved us! And right from the beginning, He made a promise that He would restore what we had broken. God would continue to tell each generation about this promise as He worked through the brokenness of this world to one day reverse the curse that we brought upon ourselves.

God then set apart a people and gave them a book of laws, that if followed you could be close to Him again. However, time and time again, everyone would fail. Even the greatest of the religious leaders could not come close. Within this book of laws, God also declared that a person would come who would fulfill every law and promise in this book and that through him, we all would be restored.


That person would come as promised. However, this was not some ordinary man. He healed the sick, brought people back from the dead. It was by His very hands that the curse of sin would be stopped before their very eyes. This man was called Jesus. He began to teach His followers that in order for this curse of death to be defeated, the price required would be His own death. The only perfect person to live on this earth would need to be traded as a sacrifice to bring healing to everyone else.

This day would come exactly as Jesus predicted. He was arrested for claiming not just to be the One that God promised, but also for claiming to be God in the flesh. The world responded to His words by giving Him the death of a criminal, a death on a Roman cross. The Giver of Life would give His own life.


Just as Jesus promised his own death, he also declared that on the third day he would rise back to life. On Sunday morning, three days after he was declared dead on the cross, the tomb that Jesus was buried in was now empty! Jesus would then go on to appear in the flesh to hundreds of people. His followers went from hiding for their lives to risking their lives by sharing this news around the world. Jesus then sent his Holy Spirit to all who would believe. God used and continues to use His followers, called the Church, to bring the good news that Jesus brings life to the ends of the earth!

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